I am Tyler Funk.

I am a Web Developer and hobbyist Game Developer located in Des Moines, IA. I currently work as a Web Developer for Trilix Group.

Web Development

PHP, JavaScript, Drupal, Ruby on Rails, Groovy, MySQL, Apache, Linux, Gulp, Webpack, Vue.js

Game Development

C#, Lua, Java, Unity3D, LÖVE, GMS2

Other Hobbies

Beginner-level Japanese, aerial silks, cyr wheel, beer brewing


Show me what you got. I want to see what you got.

Web Developer

Trilix Group


Create websites for clients using PHP with Drupal and in-house CMS. Work directly with clients to determine project requirements and scope. Developed an Android application. Improved development workflow and build process by introducing Gulp.

Application Programmer III

Eastern Illinois University

AUG 2013 – FEB 2015

Developed multiple web applications with Groovy on Grails for various departments at EIU. Introduced Nexus maven repository to facilitate in-house plugin development for easier code reuse. Developed Java application for synchronizing student photos between two enterprise apps. Regularly provided debugging assistance to junior developers.

Application Developer

Heartland Dental Care

MAR 2012 – AUG 2013

Updated and maintained legacy applications in various languages. Implemented Java-based web services to centralize some commonly-used patterns. Created several Ruby on Rails applications from the ground up. Worked with several APIs to provide additional functionality to enterprise apps.

BS Computer Science

Illinois State University

AUG 2008 – MAY 2011